profesisonal carpet cleanersCleaning your carpets on a regular basis is essential for preserving its good appearance and smell, however, vacuuming might not be enough. Sure, vacuuming with a H.E.P.A certified vacuum can really do a good job, but not everyone has enough money to purchase one of these powerful and quality machines. Most people use ordinary vacuums and they are just not good enough to deep clean the carpet – a lot of dirt and grime is stuck in the lower layers of the carpet .

Using a basic vacuum will just make the carpet look rather clean, but in fact it will be home to dust, spores, parasites and soil. All of these things can easily have a bad impact on your family’s health if not treated properly. The presence of this grime will also cause major damage to the fibers and structure of your carpet.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Landing Carpetfrom £4
Bedroom Carpetfrom £23
Livingroom Carpetfrom £25
Two Seater Sofafrom £30
Three Seater Sofafrom £45
Upholstered Armchairfrom £18
Flight of Stairsfrom £25

Minimum call out charge £48

If you want to preserve the good looks of your carpet and greatly improve the hygiene in your house, you should consider having your carpets professionally cleaned at least 1-2 times in the year. Our company uses the steam cleaning technique as it has proven to be the most efficient and eco-friendly method to clean carpets. Most modern carpets are treated with a special protection solution during manufacturing. This protection greatly strengthens fibers, however, it can quickly perish due to vacuuming so it is recommended that you reapply it at least once a year.

The first job of our cleaners is to move out any furniture that covers the carpet area. The carpet will then be inspected and all stains and spots will be analyzed in order to see which can be removed totally and which partially. It is important that you inform our workers about the origin of the stains and how old they are.

Stains will be treated with a cleaning solution and afterwards the steam cleaning machine will thoroughly clean the carpet. After the work is done you will inspect the carpet along with the cleaners. The steam cleaning technique removes 85% of stains, but there are some cases which are a bit harder to remove. If you find any stains during the check, they will be re-cleaned and in case they are still there, we’ll classify them as permanent.

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